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Announcement #7: Virtual Preview Meeting and new dates for Symposium

18th February 2021.

Updates & Dates for two Meetings; Massive Star Near & Far (IAUS361)

Dear Massive star pundits,

We hope you are keeping well. This is an update on our plans for IAUS 361:

  1. We still hope to have a face-to-face meeting in Ireland now during May 8 – 13 2022 (provisional)
  2. We recognise that these Covid-related Delays are particularly hard on Early Career Researchers [ECRs; incl. Post-Doctoral Level, i.e., anyone not in a long-term academic post (Lecturer or Research Fellowship that will more likely than not lead to permanent post)].

For this reason, We also plan to host a Virtual Preview Meeting during the Planned May 3- 7 2021 Meeting Period.

Instead of Full days, we plan Shorter Blocks of order 2 Hours each to Avoid Zoom Fatigue.

Anyone in the ECR category — who was initially allocated a Talk Slot — is again offered a Slot to talk during the 2021 Virtual Meeting (let us know if do not want to take this up). Note that this does not disqualify you in any way from speaking again at the face-to-face meeting in 2022. However, as Research has moved on another year, we will also re-open Abstract Submission for ECRs only. Note that given the earlier commitments, the number of these slots will be very limited(!)

SO, as the meeting is just around the corner, this is what you NEED to do:

  1. Everyone: Keep May 3-7 FREE (or as free as possible) in your Diaries. Exact Times will be revealed in due course.
  2. If you are in the ECR Category and you wish to apply for a slot, keep your eyes open for announcement shortly.
  3. Deadline is around 10 March [in order to have a full programme by April 2021]

Keep safe everyone!

Jonathan & Jorick on behalf of the SOC of IAUS 361

P.S. Anyone not on the IAUS361 Announcements mailing list can sign up at: